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ProTas - VR controller for VR aircraft pilot games and VR flight simulator

ProTas - VR controller for VR aircraft pilot games and VR flight simulator

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The "ProTas" controller allows you to transform the use of a joystick into a stable and efficient HOTAS to take control of your plane or spaceship or land and watercraft in virtual reality.


  • Take command of your cockpit! Made in France with two types of attachment: Flexible and resistant velcro straps to be fixed on your chair or an adhesive plate on the desk and support, allows to have a stability of piloting in virtual reality. 
  • Flexibility during the flight.
    The "MagCup" (the magnetic cup) is the key accessory in the ProTubeVR range due to its compatibility with other products. The high quality, patented magnetic cups allow the controllers to be detached with a simple gesture to interact freely and quickly with the actions to be performed during VR gameplay.
  • Immersion in flying games. Enjoy a full immersion in virtual reality with your VR games such as: Star Wars Squadron, Space Battle VR, No Man's Sky, VTOL VR and more...
  • Items in the box:
    1 x ProTas base
    1 x Magnetic holder for MagCup
    1 x Allen key
    2 x Velcro straps (to fix the base to the armrest)
    1 x Adhesive pad (to fix the base)
    ( Controllers are not included)
  • Dimensions and weight:
    6.6 x 5.7 x 14.1cm
    Base ProTas: 125g
    Magnetic cup: 58g


Essential ProTas Accessories


We can provide other spare parts from the ProtubeVR range on request.

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