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ProStraps - Controller straps for VR games (New: Quest 3)

ProStraps - Controller straps for VR games (New: Quest 3)

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The "ProStraps" secure your controllers during VR gameplay and free your movements to perform fast and fluid actions for a better immersion in VR games.



  • No more controllers in the TV, no more broken windows! Play freely and safely for a long time with your hands free to get a better immersion for almost all VR games such as VR FPS shooter games (to throw a grenade for example) as well as in combat games like boxing, tennis, ping pong, fitness and etc...
  • Adaptability and comfort. The ProStraps, influenced by Index Knuckles, are adjustable with velcro straps to provide intensity and comfort during gameplay. Available for Meta Quest Pro, Quest 2, Pico 4, Quest 1 RiftS and HP Reverb G2 controllers.
  • What else. If you own a VR gunstock ProVolver, MagTube, ForceTube or Joystick ProTas, we provide you with the extra part to upgrade your equipment.
  • Items in the box:
    2 x Straps
    2 x Controller attachment
    2 x Controller bottom bracket
  • Dimensions and weight:
    15 x 5 x 1cm
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