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TM Racing Clamp - Accessory for racing simulator

TM Racing Clamp - Accessory for racing simulator

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The clamp attaches to a table or desk, and its ergonomic design allows for optimal use of your TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) and your TH8A Add-On Shifter in different possible configurations.

TM Racing Clamp


Key points of the TM Racing Clamp from the Thrustmaster range of e-Sport accessories

  • 100% metal, the TM Racing Clamp is a sturdy accessory ensuring optimal stability for your setup.
  • Versatile and ergonomically-designed, it lets you adjust the positions of your Thrustmaster add-ons according to your gaming or racing preferences. It also allows for a variety of configurations: TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) / TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) and TH8A Add-On Shifter.
  • Its attachment system via two tightening screws can easily adapt to all support surface thicknesses, from 0.6”/15 mm to 2”/50 mm.
  • The TM Racing Clamp works equally well for left-hand or right-hand drive configurations, thanks to its versatile attachment options.
  • The TM Racing Clamp joins the highly realistic range of sim-racing accessories in Thrustmaster’s e-Sports product lineup.

* TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) / TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod (+) & TH8A Add-On Shifter are sold separately


Features of the versatile table clamp for gearbox and handbrake

The TM Racing Clamp is designed to offer a true to life racing experience by providing a solid stand for Thrustmaster add-ons, enhancing the ergonomics and immersion of their sim racing setup.

Different possible configurations

The TM Racing Clamp allows for a variety of different configurations, for optimal use of your Thrustmaster add-ons without a cockpit.

A practical, solid attachment system

The TM Racing Clamp features a 100% metal structure. It attaches via two tightening screws, ensuring secure and easy attachment to a desk or table.


Adjustable and versatile

In addition to offering a variety of different possible configurations, the TM Racing Clamp easily adapts to all of your gaming installations. It lets you adjust the position (height, depth and inclination). It also works equally well for left-hand or right-hand drive configurations.



1x TM Racing Clamp attachment system
1x Side-support bracket for TH8A Add-On Shifter
1x Set of screws and washers + Allen key
1x User manual and warranty information.

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