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Ferrari 458 Spider - Racing Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One, Xbox Series

Ferrari 458 Spider - Racing Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One, Xbox Series

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Enjoy a realistic, immersive racing experience on Xbox One with the official Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel!

With the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel, Thrustmaster offers the best of its extensive expertise to let all gamers from beginners, right through to the most experienced users turn their routine for racing games on Xbox One into a realistic, fun and immersive experience.


Key points of the official Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One and Xbox Series: 

  • The most popular racing wheel on Forza!
  • Easy to use: official plug-and-play Xbox One racing wheel with USB recognition
  • Works on Xbox Series X|S
  • Comprehensive controls for all driving actions, with 9 action buttons, 1 Manettino dial, 1 D-pad, 1 Xbox Guide button and 1 pairing detection LED for Kinect
  • Wheel is 11 inches / 28 cm in diameter : a 7:10 scale replica of the wheel on the real Ferrari 458 Spider sports car. Two red motorsport-style textured rubber grips ensure optimal racing comfort
  • 2 Up and Down sequential paddle shifters: 100% metal
  • Wheel base features a bungee cord mechanism with linear resistance for more comfortable and intuitive control. Adjustable steering sensitivity, automatic wheel re-centering and 240° rotation angle for amazing precision
  • Also includes a pedal set with wide foot rest: the pedals’ inclination can be adjusted, and the brake pedal provides progressive resistance for a customizable and realistic driving experience
  • For Ferrari GT-inspired racing


Ferrari GT+ style steering wheel and pedals features

A replica of the iconic Ferrari 458 Spider wheel, developed in close collaboration with Microsoft, this Thrustmaster racing wheel ensures a realistic and dynamic gaming experience. Its authentic design allows for immersive GT-style driving, with incredibly lifelike sensations.

The icing on the cake is that you don’t need any prior experience: it couldn’t be easier to get started with the wheel and enjoy lifelike racing sensations right away, to get the most out of your time on the race tracks!

Wheel base with bungee cord mechanism for linear resistance

Optimized bungee cord mechanism: resistance is linear, no matter the rotation angle, for more comfortable and intuitive control.
Automatic wheel re-centering.
240° rotation angle.

Ferrari 458 Spider - Type GT

A versatile racing wheel

Steering sensitivity is customizable (4 presets are included) for enhanced precision in all racing games.
The central clamping system ensures optimal stability with all types of tables and desks.
Two 100%-metal paddle shifters.

 Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

Large, adjustable pedal set

Two pedals with wide foot rest.
Brake pedal with progressive resistance.
Adjustable inclination for each pedal.



1x User manual
1x Warranty information
1x Adjustable 2-pedal pedal set
1x Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel

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