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Starter - Gunstock VR eSport, multi-functional for VR games (New: Quest 3)

Starter - Gunstock VR eSport, multi-functional for VR games (New: Quest 3)

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The multi-functional "Starter" gunstock is a musthave for enhanced VR gameplay. So which way do you think you are going to use it?

  • Improved VR Gameplay! If you are interested in VR eSports, the Starter is the best value equipment, and upgradeable to a MagTube as well as a ForceTube with or without a haptic stick.
  • A reference in VR eSport. Made in France, the Starter is part of the official VR Master League sponsor, a reference in virtual reality and VR eSport for many years.
  • Versatile and multi-functional. Lightweight, adjustable and sturdy, the Starter allows stable aiming in your VR shooters and FPS games, also turn it into a sword or an axe in a combat game or for a VR golf club or a kayak paddle for example.
  • Scalable and engineered. The "Classic" option of the Starter has two cups attached to the tube, while the "Magnet" option has the advantage of being able to easily detach the front cup (the rear one is fixed) to perform quick actions such as reloading or throwing a grenade.

    That's not all ;). On this upgradeable device, you can add spare parts (below) from the ProTubeVR range, and go from close combat to medium and long range with a sniper for example.
  • Items in the box:
    1x tube
    1x classic cup
    1x magnetic or classic cup (depending on option)
    1 x Allen key (to adjust the cups before or during the game)
  • Dimensions and weight:
    30 x 20 x 6cm


Starter Upgrade Accessories


Other compatible accessories

- Maintenance kit

We can provide you with other spare parts on request from the ProtubeVR range.

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