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HTC VIVE Facial Tracker for VIVE Pro Series

HTC VIVE Facial Tracker for VIVE Pro Series

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Accurately capture real facial expressions and mouth movements with the VIVE Facial Tracker for HTC VIVE Pro Series

Bring a new dimension to human interaction! Read facial intentions and emotions in real time. Lip movements follow the voice with near-zero latency.

  • Track up to 38 facial movements, accurately capturing expressions and gestures of the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, cheeks and chin.
  • Near-zero latency, with perfect synchronisation of lip and voice movements.
  • Dual cameras for precise capture of lower face movements from every angle.
  • Infrared lighting for reliable, accurate tracking even in low light.
  • Unity and Unreal Engine support for maximum creative freedom.
  • Compatibility with VIVE Pro Eye for a complete face-tracking experience. Optimised runtime for eye and face tracking.
  • USB-C connector for easy integration into your existing setup.
  • Fast, wide FOV tracking. Wide field of view tracking so you don't miss a move at 60Hz for realistic interactions.

*Compatible with VIVE Pro Series headsets (and VIVE Pro Eye) for additional face tracking.

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