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HTC VIVE Wrist Tracker for VIVE XR Elite / Focus 3

HTC VIVE Wrist Tracker for VIVE XR Elite / Focus 3

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Wrist-style tracker compatible with VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3 headsets, allowing you to follow the movements and position of your hand up to the elbow.

  • Wrist device tracked by Inside-out cameras
  • Advanced hand and object tracking (6 DoF).
  • Super-light and accurate wrist-type tracker
  • USB-C charging and 4-hour battery life

Features of the VIVE Wrist Tracker

  • Wireless tracker attached to the wrist to follow the orientation and position of the hand up to the elbow.
  • Can be attached to any object to track its movement in 3D space.
  • Advanced precision thanks to the VIVE Wrist Tracker sensors, even when the hands are out of camera range.
  • Perfect for simulations and training where body position is important in virtual reality.


* Compatibility
- Compatible with VIVE Focus 3 headset (via Bluetooth).
- Compatible with VIVE XR Elite headset  (via Bluetooth).

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