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EREAL SHOP strives to contribute to the needs of the enthusiast and the professional with a constructive thought of gaming and virtual reality oriented towards immersive VR entertainment.

With our partners, we join forces to meet the demands of the community. We work to support your performance, whether it is for entertainment or to customize a fun and playful professional solution.

To do this, the hardware is as important as the software! This is why we position ourselves objectively on the solutions, games or applications and we take the advantages of 4.0 technology: equipment, materials, accessories and gadgets you need to increase your chances of achieving your goals.



Our mission !

At EREAL SHOP, we offer virtual reality hardware, mainly for your entertainment, in Gaming VR and eSport VR or to help you redesign or build your VR business in an immersive strategy.
We support you in selecting the right hardware for your needs: for the game and the solution or application you want to customize!
That's why we work closely with our specialized development partners, to allow us to position ourselves as an expert in the choice of VR, AR or MR headsets and VR hardware from major brands such as: Oculus/Meta, HP, HTC Vive, Next Level Racing, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Pimax entre autres.

Additionally, to complete a more immersive experience, we offer must-have VR accessories, high-end gear to make the experience even more comfortable, gadgets and XR novelties in our specialty store.




Our support ;)

Don't worry about anything! Our expertise is there to advise you and research the products that connects you to the virtual reality and metaverse of today and tomorrow.