2025: eSports Will Reign

The Evolution of eSports Rises to the Rank of Traditional sports


Esports are following the same trajectory as traditional sports, with iconic games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends, as well as new stars like Fortnite, rapidly gaining popularity. The stability of games is crucial, just as in traditional sports where continuity is very important.


Mondial 2022 Esports League-Of-Legends LoL
Mondial 2022 Esports League-Of-Legends LoL


The eSports audience, with 261 million fans in 2022, is experiencing a rapid growth thanks to streaming, and this will continue, with increasing interest within traditional media opening up to new opportunities for media coverage and attracting new high-profile sponsors.


Valorant Team Sponsors

Valorant 2023 International Leagues. Credits : escharts.com


Video game publishers are increasingly organizing their own competitions, leaving behind the organizers of historical events. This trend is forcing traditional organizers to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant. A new eSports colossus is on the horizon, with Riot Games leading it, thanks to its experience in League of Legends and its announced future games, making it an important representative ready to challenge giants like Blizzard. The suspense increases with the 318 million viewers expected by 2025.

The future of eSports seems promising.

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