Who created the Surreal Touch controllers for Apple Vision Pro?

Everyone is talking about these new Surreal Touch controllers for Apple Vision Pro, a third-party that might revolutionize Apple for PC VR gameplay and many other applications. Indeed, we still have little information, but the CEO of Surreal Touch has shared some details about himself and his team.

Unfortunately, he remains silent on the price and launch date. Below, I leave you the link for pre-orders and to closely follow the launch. 😉


What we know about the Surreal Touch team: the controllers for Apple Vision Pro

Surreal Touch for Vision Pro. Credits : Surreal Touch.

Zhenfei Yang, the founder of Surreal Interactive, is behind an innovation that could transform the use of Apple's Spatial Computing, the Apple Vision Pro. With more than 8 years of experience in SLAM technology, Yang has led a group of over 150 engineers at DJI (https://www.dji.com), focusing on perception, navigation, and onboard computing for robots.

The expertise of their team goes beyond aerial robots. Team members have direct experience in AR/VR (notably within the Google Glass and Google Maps teams) and autonomous driving technology (with Waymo). This diverse experience has allowed them to acquire deep knowledge in algorithms and hardware development.


Surreal Touch: A new controller for Vision Pro

Surreal Touch for Vision Pro. Credits : Surreal Touch.

The Apple Vision Pro, despite its advanced interaction system based on pinching and looking, lacks tracked controllers, limiting its potential for gaming and other immersive experiences. This is where Surreal Touch controllers comes in.

Surreal Touch features onboard 6DoF estimation specifically designed for the Vision Pro, which is essential for achieving both greater accuracy and lower latency than hand tracking.


Features of Surreal Touch controllers

Surreal Touch for Vision Pro. Credits : Surreal Touch.

The Surreal Touch controllers stands out with its ringless design, thanks to its inverted optical sensors and integrated SLAM tracking. It is equipped with two action buttons, an analog stick, an index trigger, and a grip trigger, reminiscent of the  Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers. The startup promises improved accuracy and latency compared to hand tracking.


Technical Specifications:

Positioning accuracy Less than 10mm, Less than 1 degree
Refresh rate 100 Hz
Tracking Computer Vision and SLAM Technology, double fisheye camera
Dimensions 125 mm x 71 mm x 77 mm
Weight 148g
Streaming graphics 4K resolution at 120Hz (although Vision Pro screens do not support 120Hz)


Compatibility and demonstrations

The Surreal Touch controllers can be used standalone with the Vision Pro or via a future Surreal Touch SDK for virtual reality on PC via the visionOS app from Surreal Link, a fork of the open-source ALVR. This app promises to stream SteamVR graphics in 4K at 120 Hz. Demonstration videos show the Surreal Touch in action with games like Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx, running via a gaming PC.

Pre-orders and launch

Surreal Touch for Vision Pro. Credits : Surreal Touch.
Pre-orders for the Surreal Touch controllers are expected to open in August 2024, with a price announcement at that time. Yang and his team remain confident in their ability to deliver the product quickly, although low-cost, large-scale mass production remains a major challenge.

You can already place your pre-orders on the official Surreal Touch website:



If Surreal Interactive succeeds in producing and marketing the Surreal Touch, it could make Apple's Vision Pro a choice for VR gaming, thus expanding the capabilities of the Vision Pro alone. With their rich and varied experience, Zhenfei Yang's team seems well-positioned to innovate Apple's Spatial Computing.
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