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Skinetic: Creators Edition - XR Haptische Weste (Awards 2023)

Skinetic: Creators Edition - XR Haptische Weste (Awards 2023)

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Kompatibilität mit XR-Brillen

Die ultimative haptische Weste, Gewinnerin des Arwards 2023, mit hochauflösenden vibrotaktilen Aktoren, die die Grenzen des immersiven VR / XR-Erlebnisses für erfahrene VR-Gamer und Kreative erweitern.


Introducing Skinetic: Creators Edition, the cutting-edge haptic vest that integrates 20 strategically placed broadband haptic actuators, giving you the impression of living in the virtual environment.

Many more frequencies and infinite points of contact than a traditional gaming haptic vest. So why settle for a traditional, one-dimensional experience?


Fun guaranteed!

With a perception of fusion of extended reality, culture and music concentrated in cutting-edge technology, we present one or the best haptic feedback wearable vests connectable to great VR games such as Half-Life Alyx, Blade and Sorcery, Pistol whip, Arizona Sunshine, Onward.


Single size & Easy adaptability

With 6 attachment points, 4 of which are adjustable, Skinetic offers a versatile, comfortable fit for everyone. In less than a minute, you can put it on and enjoy a wide range of sensations, thanks to its simple, intuitive design. What's more, its mesh lining is interchangeable and washable, ensuring impeccable hygiene.


Haptic vest compatibility

Wired or wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi or USB) and compatible with PCVR computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) connected to PCVR headsets and XR headsets such as: Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Vive XR Elite, Vive Focus 3 and Pico 4, Android Amartphones and Tablets, Skinetic integrates easily with various systems for an unrivalled experience.


Skinetic SDK & Unitouch Studio software for creators

Whether you're a game developer, automotive professional, trainer or artist, Skinetic can help you create more captivating, immersive content that connects deeply and unforgettably with your audience. And an experimental mode that exposes haptic feedback through a multi-channel audio interface is available ( view software at the end of this page).


Vest features

Feedback points Twenty (20) wideband haptic actuators
Size One-size-fits-all, from XS to XXL
Fitting points     Six (6) fitting points: two (2) rigid on shoulders, four (4) stretchable on sides.
Dressing Time      Less than 1 minute
Weight 1,7 kg


Input voltage     20 Volts
Battery autonomy      Up to 8 hours, in standard usage conditions
Battery energy value    74Wh
Battery charging time    3 hours with a 45W charger (not included)


USB HID Profile
Audio Profile (USB Audio Class 2.0 - 20 Channels - 16bits;48khz)
WiFi  WiFi 4
Bluetooth Bluetooth - SPP


-20 °C; 40 °C
Storage Temperature     -40 °C; 70 °C



1x Skinetic Vest: Creators Edition
1x Battery
1x Mesh lining
1x USB-C Cable

The vest is ready for use as soon as it comes out of the box, and can be recharged using the included cable. The user manual provides detailed instructions on how to use and maintain your jacket.



The Skinetic SDK is available as a Unity3D and Unreal Engine plugin, offering a library of over 100 high-definition haptic samples, intuitive tools for creating spatialized sensations and a simplified workflow, even for the uninitiated.

Unitouch Studio is a powerful haptic authoring tool that enables designers and developers to create high-definition haptic assets to enhance immersion for a wide range of applications, from gaming and extended reality to professional training and multimedia.

Contact us to learn more about the Skinetic SDK and Unitouch Studio.

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